Monday, 22 June 2015

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Venusian Ranger

Not a lot of of posts lately I'm afraid. Must be better on this, but here's my painted model for this Miniature Monday. A test model of the first of the new Venusian Rangers.

I actually painted this one up a little different from the old ones. I first went with a red inside of the cloak like the more classic artworks. But it looked to different from from the rest of my Bauhaus force and I also had painted more camo at this point so I needed some more blue to tie it in with rest.

So I did this, please tell me what you think.


  1. Great stuff. I especially like the camo on the cloak. Nice basing too :-)

  2. Love your work. Great inspiration for me. Where did you get the crest?

  3. Haven't seen your previous one's but this test piece looks very nice. Good overall feel.


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