Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Age of Sigmar is coming!

Winter is com... eh wait Age of Sigmar is coming! Yeah I know not the best teaser video I've seen but hey it's an official statement showing us that Warhammer is still alive! In some kind or another anyway.

I have been really quiet about this here on the blog, because there have just been to many different rumors out there and no official word whatsoever since we read the last 'End Times' book Archaon that the Warhammer World is no more. Since then I have checked out the rumors going on alongside all the wish listing but I just couldn't imagine what was true and really in what direction Warhammer is going.

I still wont speculate what Age of Sigmar is, some say it's the next starter set for 9th ed Warhammer, some rumors say it's a standalone boardgame type of game like Space Hulk or the latest Execution Force. Whatever it is I will buy it, non the less. Many people is giving up on Warhammer Fantasy because of the End Times, rumors of 9th being a skirmish game, going to round bases etc. But i won't give up on Warhammer just yet, it was my gateway into war gaming and this lovely hobby and even though I loved the setting, I also understand why some think a total reset was necessary.

So went from angry and sad because the world and setting I loved was no more to getting quite excited to see in what direction Warhammer is going and how the new models will look. I still have my old models, and they aren't going anywhere. Heck I can still play 8th ed If I find some other who also want to play Warhammer "Classic" instead of this new game.

But I'm more eager to see how the new game, the new models and world is. Sometimes a fresh start is quite freshening, even on round bases....

Hope to see more teasers, reliable rumors or even pictures on what is coming for Warhammer Fantasy really soon!


  1. The calm before the storm. Whatever happens it can't fail to be big.

  2. I'm hoping for a more skirmish-y game. It pains me to spend hours modeling and painting miniatures just to use them as "wound counters" in huge blocks of infantey.

  3. Agree, it will be big and I have no idea how this will turn out in the end. But I'm open for ideas. Altough I like the look of big blocks of infantry. It is quite tiresome to pretty much have 70-80% just as wound counters (not counting the front rank etc), not to mention it's really intimidating to have to paint a unit of 50 men. Having them on rounds and more in the sizes of 40k where 15-20 men are really big units fixes this problem. I hope it's more of the scale of 40k rather than the smaller skirmish games like malifaux and such.

    I also noticed today that five men together ranked up on square bases looks awfully lonely and incomplete as a unit. Five men on round bases in a looser formation looks much more "complete". Not thirilled to rebase a lot of stuff but I'll wait and see how this turns out first, I might skip that altogheter and have my old stuff as 8th ed Warhammer Classic and just go fresh on the new stuff for 9th.


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