Saturday, 27 June 2015

News: More Age of Sigmar pictures!

Some more Age of Sigmar pictures is showing up, these are via The One Harlequin Troupe
Tumblr page.

The more I look at the new 'Empire' models the more I dislike the their helmets, It's just to similar to the Sanguinary Guard death masks, and to be honest I never liked those very much. Dunno why GW didn't just went with more Knightlike helmets instead, that way they would at least resemble the old Empire knights a little. As they are now, they don't look like anything from the Old World. which is a shame.  


  1. so these are the 'space marines' of the old world. cant say i either like them or dislike them. im interested to see what comes of this 9th edition/age of sigmar. but expect it to be much more of a cash driven change than player driven.

    1. Well it's Games Workshop, of course it all has to do with them wanting to earn more cash from Warhammer. Don't know if this will succeed or not, I loved the old Warhammer World but it was either changing Warhammer drasticily like with End Times and Age of Sigmar or letting it die. I will give this a chance, just hoping the rules aren't to basic and far off.


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