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Unboxing Warzone: Resurrection - Imperial Mourning Wolves

The fierce female warriors known as Mourning Wolves originate from all walks of Imperial life. School teachers, mothers, accountants, lawyers, and just about every other profession or previous vocation one can imagine. They all have one thing in common though; each and every one has lost someone very dear to them to war with the other megacorporations or the Dark Legion. The vast majority of them are war widows, but some have lost their father, a sibling or child and each has vowed to exact revenge on those responsible. Each woman wears very little in the way of armour or mail protection, opting for a simple form-fitting garment of ballistic-resistant leather, allowing them a greater range of movement and flexibility, which they use as a near perfect alternative to the cumbersome armour of the male wolves. 

The Mourning Wolves seem to be a superstitious bunch, often consulting the Pathfinders as to their future and carrying many tokens, amulets and talismans. In truth, such keepsakes are kept for melancholy, to remind themselves of those they have lost, empowering them to focus their furore against those that have wronged them. They consult the Pathfinders with a hope that the near-seers will predict their journey’s end and their reunion with their lost. Preparation for war is a ritualistic process, involving bathing, body painting and marking themselves with elaborate druidic spirals and animals in woad, ensuring they look their best for when they meet their love. 

They paint their faces in a ghostly white death
mask to prepare their souls for the journey to the other side. Each pack is led by a Matron, who not only guides the women in battle, but also serves as their spiritual advisor, helping the younger Wolves cope with the loss that has brought them to the order. Many of the Matrons form close bonds with their pack, seeing them as surrogate sisters or daughters. It is they that hold the pack together, averting it from the self-destructive spiral it would otherwise inevitably enter. The Matron is responsible for guiding the ladies down their final path when the time comes and ensuring their talismans and carved names are added to the walls of the Cave of the Mother Wolf on Ganymede. In the unusual situation where the entire pack, matron included, make their final journey together, the she wolf mother superior herself will bless the final journey and engrave the cave. In battle, the white faced Mourning Wolves howl as they charge their foes, seemingly heedless of danger or death. 

Many do not fear their end, choosing instead to stare it in the face, knowing that if they should perish, they will once again be embraced by their lost love. They carry a pair of signature weapons which they use to lethal effect as they spin, whirl and misstep their foe; working as tornados of destruction to obliterate any who cross their path. The first of their characteristic weapons, the Tangle Chain, a set of weighted barbed links made of hardened steel. The Mourning Wolves use them to whip, distract, unbalance and entangle their opponents before enacting the deathblow with their second weapon, the trident Claws of the Wolf, which is used to slash open their enemy’s neck or bowels and leave them to bleed out.

From Prodos Shop

Here's the unboxing of the militant widows of the Imperial Corporation, these girls is a support choice for an Imperial Wolfbane army, and one of the more distinct looking units in the game. So... what's in the box?

All the things you get, how to assemble the models is on the back of the front cover. Five 30mm lipped bases, one stat card and the actual models on two sprues. 

Here's how they look on the sprue. Some of the claws where a little bent, but was easily solved using hot water/cold water to straighten them up. 

Lovely details as always but still keeping the uniforms quite simple.

Some arms fit better with certain models which are marked out with letters in the armpit joints. Arm 'A' goes best with body 'A' etc. 

You get one arm combination for each member of the squad accept that you also get one arm with the  'Howler' Grenade Launcher. 

Front of the stat card, as you can see this is clearly a CC unit, with one model able to be upgraded to have the Grenade Launcher.

This is a fairly inexpensive unit and does not have a lot of special rules, which is kind of nice really.

Here we have the girls assembled and ready for some paint. Really nice details as Iv'e said, and I also like the dynamic poses. The claws are so small and delicate but are straight and without any deformities. 

Nice crisp details, but nothing is overdone.
Conclusion: Lovely unit to put together, it looks really great and I'm longing to put them out on the battlefield (although I probably need many more, a unit of five without upgrades is just 55 Pts. ) All in all, great kit. Of course more variations with equipment and what not would be nice but it's also nice to have some basic troops without a lot of options and special rules, that are just there as an cheap alternative... something Imperial needed. 

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