Monday, 1 June 2015

Miniature Monday: Heroes from Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Just a short Miniature Monday today. This is some late WIP:s of three of the first heroes I started to paint up, and happens to be the three heroes we have in the first of our campaigns in Imperial Assault.

I really like to paint these miniatures up as they are quite different from what I normally paint, and although you can't compare the details with pure Wargaming miniatures they are really nice.

These are as I said late WIP:s there are the final touches left, like the last highlights, eyes, and extra details like source lighting from the lightsabre.

As a sidenote we lost the mission to obtain Diala Passil's (the Jedi apprenctice/wannabe) lightsabre past weekend so no lightsabre for her (this is my character in this campaign). So maybe I should paint it up in metal instead? :.( dammit!

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