Tuesday, 25 August 2015

News: Games Workshop to come out with Airbrush paints

We have heard the rumors, and GW is finally getting their own Airbrush paint range. But.... just as with the Forgeworld Airbrush paints they are still not in dropper bottles. Crazy! I have a lot of Vallejo Air and Game Air and really like them, nice consistency and you don't have to dilute them just drop it into your airbrush and go.

Hopefully the GW colors will be the same, well accept the fact that you can't just drop into your Airbrush, you must either use an pipette or an brush to get it in. Why?!? In my mind dropper bottles are superior in every single way, and for Airbrush paints a nobrainer. Well well at least we have the alternative now.

I often use GW paints in my airbrush but I need to dilute a lot at least the new paints saves us that step.

Picture is from Plastic Krak.


  1. Really disappointed if they are not going with dropper bottles.

  2. Agreed. It must be an obsession with branding, down to the size and shape of the bottle. I dislike using GW paints even for brush painting now due to their silly containers. Dropper bottles are so much better. Less paint drying, more precise mixing, easier for airbrushing, easier to get paint while actually painting. Now that vallejo has their Game Air for brighter colours...


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