Sunday, 16 August 2015

Age of Sigmar: Lions of Sigmar Plog Part 1

So I figured I could do a painting log on the different projects I do currently. And the one thing that is keeping my hobby time occupied right now is my Stormcast Eternals from the AoS starter box.

As you can see in the title, I'm painting them up as Lions of Sigmar, but that is just luck really because I thought out this color scheme when I first saw the first leaked images of the Stormcast Eternals. I always liked painting purple and thought it would look nice with a bright bronze armor, also it's an little homage to my old Ostermark Empire army.

Anyway, if you have followed my blog in past you might already know Iv'e finished some miniatures, first five Liberators among with their pal from White Dwarf for a total of six Liberators. I then wanted to try out some airbrushing on the Prosecutor wings so finished one of them up as well. Right now I'm working on the Lord-Celestant, which is taking a lot of time for me to paint up, but I want him too look as good as possible as it's really an awesome looking centerpiece for the army.

If you want to know how I painted these, Iv'e made an tutorial on how I painted the Liberators, and those colors are used on all the army so far. Tutorial can be found here.

Here's how the small army looks at the moment, quite a lot more to do but it's nice to see they are shaping up. Also reinforcements are on the way, one box each of Judicators, Paladins, Liberators, Lord-Celestant on foot and one Lord-Castellant with his Gryphound. I also ordered the new books, and some of the nice terrain so looking forward to see all that when it arrives.

As you can see above I have come pretty far with the painting on my Lord-Celestant. Such an awesome model so want to take my time painting him up. Really fun so far painting him.

My six finished Liberators, the rest I'll save for last of the Stormcast Starter contents as I want to paint up the rest of the bunch first.

And here's my first finished Prosecutor. Happy with how it turned out and I will finish the rest of the unit as soon as the Lord-Celestant is done. 

That's all for now, I will try to update this as often as I can. As always comments are much appreciated. 

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