Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hobby Update: Terrain and more

Been doing a lot of work on my terrain lately, much of the terrain I had looked okey to begin with but wanted it to me more unified and look better together, especially for playing games for AoS.

That and the time I spent on painting my Stormcast Eternals have all taken my hobby time lately (accept some AoS games, Imperial Assault and Descent)

So here we are, will bring you an Stormcast Eternal update, next part of my AoS starter review and hopefully some more fully painted figs to show you all in the near future.

Just filling one of my quarters of the board with the latest terrain Iv'e finished.

A citadel wood, not finished, quite a lot of stuff to be done. Among them all the skulls and the the leafs, but looks really good already I think.

The large hill in the background and the smaller one in the foreground is an old Citadel kit, witch is quite nice, but's it's just grass and rocks basically. Adding the dirts and adding some other grass colors matching your board makes a lot! Looks really nice now. 

Old Citadel trees, just out them on a base so they don't fell off all the time. 

Some old terrain from Ziterdes, just added some additional sand/dirt and switched out some trees and added some darker grass. Nice stuff, might need some work but works out fine as it is right now. 

All the terrain I have been doing lately (including the quarter of the board all is standing on). Also added on this pic is my little brothers old Chaos shrine/rock thingy. Just touched it up a little and it's good to go.


  1. I would love to play on this table. I need to get working on my terrain.

    1. If you ever come to Sweden I would would love too play you on this table:) It makes a huge difference playing on a nice board with some nice terrain.

  2. Great looking table! Putting those trees on a base is really do those things like to flop over!

    1. Thanks Greg, indeed they do :p and this was quite simple to do as well.


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