Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My Warriors of Chaos army - Last time on squares

This is sad and exciting at the same time, here are the last shots on my fully Warriors of Chaos before moving on to round and oval bases for Age of Sigmar.

It's sad because I have always loved how big blocks of troops looks, and I have to cut these up as I want to keep the actual terrain on the bases as much as possible.

But it's also exciting, I'm really digging AoS. I like the simple rules, the warscrolls and so on. If you don't? Well we all have different taste, but this is a resurrection for me and my closest friends who now actually want to get involved into the game and build their armies. This is the most important bit for me.

Also, as I rebasing my troops I will also touch up the paint jobs on some of them. Most of them look good as they are but some minor tweaks here and there as well as adding some extra details to the bases. Because now they are seen much more and often you get some extra room on the bases as well.

And before some of you yells, you don't need to rebase becasue you can use squares on AoS, as well as 8th, Ninth Age and whatever. You are totally right, I don't need to do it. But I will play much more AoS than 8th and I don't know If will ever play Ninth Age, or even KoW.

And while playing AoS on squares works fine, it does not look good aesthetically for me. And I think that all this jazz about measuring from the closest point of the model is just a transition phase, and we will see official base sizes on rounds and ovals in the future.

Also rounds have some advantages of squares in my mind. First, it frames individual models better. And second, a unit of five normal infantry for example didn't look like a full unit or take even an odd number like 7-8, 13-14, I hated when an rank wasn't complete. If you now field an unit of 13 models in a unit, it does look better and more like an full unit of models. It might be just me, but that's what I think. And third, you don't need to think about their poses so they can rank up. Love this.

Anyway, I'm slowly going to rebase these guys. So here's last pictures showing all of my painted WoC models on squares.

R.I.P Warhammer Fantasy.


  1. you'll regret it! Think of the wonderful games you could play with these- KoW, Warthrone, any of the old editions of WHFB. Playing 6th edition is fantastic. AoS is awful and most likely will disappear without trace in a year or two.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion of course but I don't agree with you about AoS being an awful game. Iv'e had really fun with the games Iv'e played so far, also for the first time in many years my mates are interested in Warhammer again.

      I might change my mind in future, but I seriously doubt it. My KoW 2 book is on it's way and I might try it, but with my KoW undead army. As for old versions of Warhammer, Ninth Age, Warthrone etc I might do some games (don't know yet if I want to rebase my Empire army for example) so I can go on and play with that army if I like.

      As for AoS disappearing in 1-2 years? It might, but I can't see that happening.. it might evolve though.

    2. You "can" still play AOS with square bases. The round ones just look really cool on the fantasy models :). Your army is beautiful, and I'm glad you're enjoying AOS! Makes me hopefull for when they do the same maneuver for 40k!

    3. It absolutely works with square bases, but it does not look good in mass skirmish in my opinion. And if you go with measuring from the base like we do, it works much better with rounds as well.

  2. This army is going to look fantastic on rounds. I look forward to seeing it.

    1. Thanks! Will post pictures of Throggh, Chaos Trolls and my unit of Tzeentch Warriors soon. Just some paint and extra basing materials.


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