Wednesday, 4 August 2010

How I Paint Ghouls Tutorial

Hey there, after the last try with a little tutorial how to paint ghouls (if you read my disaster post you know how it went) I'm now going show you a the new one. Didn't do as the first time with colours and such and not really happy with how the colours turned out but then, just switch to another colour and that is fixed. So on to the tutorial, hope you find it useful.

Okey, so first I base coated them with Chaos Black, I didn't use spray primer because I just needed to base coat these two models. Then I painted the skin with Gretchin Green. I was trying out and paint only with this colour for the skin, in the future I will probably use Gretchin Green in mix with Tallarn Flesh or another flesh colour to get them look a bit more like humans. One thing to think of in this stage is to paint so it covers all of the skin areas, use a lot of paint as well as a great lot of water. Remember this is Foundation Paints they quite thick paints and need to be mixed with a lot of water so you don't spoil all the recesses and details. It doesn't matter if you get paint on places you don't want it as you can see in my pictures, the clothing and stuff is going to be painted over in the next stage anyway. I also did a experiment with the right one, I painted the whole skin with Thraka Green wash to make him even greener, don't think I will do this in the future though he is green as he is even without it.

In the next stage I painted all of the rest of the model, Khemri Brown for the clothes of the one to left and Adeptus Battlegray for the right one. Dheneb Stone for the bandage thingys and the right ones hair, Boltgun Metal for the spikes, dagger and metal claw. One thing I did with eyes where that I put some Badab Black in the eye sockets to get a little more depth there before I painted little white dots for their eyes. Also painted the blood on the claw and under their mouths, here I used Blood Red with a little Machrite Red mixed in. The same thing I did with the eyes I did with their mouths, Badab Black and a little white if there was any teeth.

Here's a picture after I dipped them in Army Painter's Quickshade, I actually didn't them I splashed it on using an old brush, I then cleaned the brush in Thinner so I can use it for this kind of things. The reason the dagger is of is because I needed to cut it off when I cleaned the model off the old paint (this was the model that got ruined the last time I tried to make this tutorial). Other than that it wasn't much I did at this stage, waited 24-48 hours for the quickshade to dry and then on to the next and last step.

Here I have sprayed the models with Purity Seal and not to much this time. After that I weren't that happy with skin tone so I painted some highlights over the upper most parts of the body where there's was skin. I did this with a mix of Gretchin Green and Tallarn Flesh it turned out alright I think. The thing I did was to make the base and paint on a little bit more quickshade on the blood to make it look wet and fresh. I do think these two doesn't look as good as the two old ones, but fun to try out different colours for the skin on Ghouls, in my opinion I think Ghouls should have different skintones and it just adds more variation to the unit, I do try to have somewhat same kind of colours using green and flesh in different mix ratios. Hope you like this tutorial, if people would like to I can make more of them for different miniatures, if there's someone special model you want one for just tell me in the comments and I will look into it.

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