Sunday, 1 August 2010

Swordsmen done, handgunners to come

After yesterdays little mishap with the Ghoul I'm now in the process of painting him and another Ghoul again. Almost finished with one more Revenant as well just more more colour and then some Quick Shade.

But what I want to show you tday is my finished horde unit of Swordsmen! With a unitfiller and all, really like how so big regiments looks on the board and I am really pleased with this one. Did have a little miscalculation though so one swordsmen is missing. Here's some pictures.

I also want to show you my two models from the next regiment for my empire army that I will paint. It's the old plastic handgunners from 6 edition, I have plenty of them laying around so I thought I had to do something with them. They don't look that good in my opinion even if they have their puffy sleeves. So I tried to paint them as easily as I could, dipping and everything but it just wouldn't look good enough. So I painted this black and white pattern on their trousers and at least I think it made them look so much better. They got one detail that the eye focuses on.

Don't think I will do this pattern on all of my handgunners as painting the patterns takes almost as long as the rest of the model. Tell me what you think.

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