Sunday, 22 August 2010

Space Marines Squad

Today I finished painting five handgunners and the musician and sergeant for my Revenant's. I used the splash on method with the Quickdip so they need to dry over night before I post photos of them. In the meantime I'll show you some photos of my earlier work, and this time it's Space Marine time. These ones was also painted (and the only ones in my GotC force) using Army Painter's Quickshade Strong Tone.

They are fairly easy to paint, the only thing that takes some time and skill is the hand painted shoulder markings with the crossed swords insignia. They don't always look exactly the same but they look good anyway I think. One little mistake I've seen later is the left kneepad markings, the last two marines I painted the colours the other way round. Haven't fixed this yet, will maybe do this later on. Anyway on to some photos.

As always, to get larger versions click on the images. And if you have any comments please post them.

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