Thursday, 12 August 2010


Today I took some pictures of the first repainted Dwarfs I have. I have quite a large army of Dwarfs but not many are painted, even if they are really fun to paint. I also took quite a lot of time getting the bases look really snowy, using Bicarbonate. First I tried GW's modelling snow and thought it looked good, but when I saw bicarbonate in the supermarket I thought I should try that out. I'm not getting back, sure it is a little bit messy working with but with bicarbonate you get that real snow effect and it looks so much more realistic.

Hope you like them and as always, comments are very welcome. First up is my eleven (so far) thunderers, I think I have at least forty thunderers, some of them is from 5th ed. I believe it is. They look really nice I think, didn't have any command for them though so the command is from 6th ed.

The next one is my old Runelord/Runesmith also from 5th ed. I think, quite nice little model the reason I painted him was to try out my new colour scheme and he was quite easy to paint. I think he turned out quite well.

The last pictures is of my first Longbeard mostly as a testmodel especially the shield design, just love these old shields. I like the look of him, the 6th ed. Longbeards models looks totally awesome in my opinion but they need quite some painting time to give them justice.

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