Friday 6 August 2010

WIP Revenant command and Balefire Catapult

At the moment I'm working on several projects (as always) and one of them is my command group for the Revenant's and the Balefire Catapult. Since I first saw the undead range from Mantic I thought something was missing on some models, for example the Catapult, that a tiny skull is fired from the Catapult seemed wrong and I wanted my Catapult to fire away deadly magical blasts of green fire. So I modelled flames from the skull, don't think it looks that good yet though, needs some tweaking here and there to make it look like flames.

The same thing was with the standard for both the Revenant's and the Skeletons, I thought it needed more detail and the bannerpole top looks like an torch or something and some ghostly flames would look nice there as well. When it came to the actual banner I first cut out a little bit of plasticard. It looked okey but I wanted more motion in it and decided that I needed to do some greenstuff work here as well. Also did some minor greenstuff work on the sergeant.

Below are some pictures of it all turned out, now I need to think of an design for the banner.


  1. I'm really looking forward to getting my skellies from Mantic. Should be next week, (fingers crossed!) I'll be following this blog with interest, love the flames so far.

  2. Thank you, cool that more people buy the undead from Mantic they sure look really nice and thay are fun to paint as well.


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