Wednesday, 25 August 2010


As I have wrote in an earlier post and in the My Projects column I currently paint some of my Flagellants. I think this unit will be devastating in 8th edition, I've heard that a lot of other Empire players have much success with them anyway, I still haven't played a single game of 8th Edition. But I hope I can do some gaming soon and maybe even an "Tale of four gamers" thing.

Anyway, I want a unit of thirty with a prophet, I think the unit needs to be large because they die fast with no armour and no Toughness 4 like in 6th ed. I will use them as a large tarpit unit and in some cases try to get in a charge with them in horde formation dishing out a hell lot of attacks at Strength 5 first round of combat. Another reason I love them is because I think they look awesome, and as I try to make a Witchhunter army they fit into the army fluffwise perfectly.

So here's some pictures of the first twenty Flagellants including a unitfiller, which I actually won a conversion contest with on the largest Empire forum; Hope you like them as well.

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