Monday, 9 August 2010

Goblin Shaman

Hi there, will be travelling to Stockholm tomorrow so there will probably not be any updates in a couple of days. But today I will have an update and I want to show you my Goblin Shaman which isn't green either. And one more time I just couldn't get any really good pictures but here's the best of them anyway.

I also want to show you some of WIP pictures of my other O & G stuff, here's my Orc Shaman, every picture I've seen of him he have black robes but I wanted a little more colour to mine so far I'm satisfied with the result and it's a lovely miniature to look at and paint. The other guy on the picture is my Forest Troll, I will use these as my common trolls. He is primed black so you can't really see the details but I have greenstuffed hair and beard on him as well mushrooms on him and on the base, the forest theme will show a lot more on this model I think.

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