Sunday 26 September 2010

Lazy days

Well, not a major update at all despite the fact that I haven't updated for several days. Been rather busy a couple of days and on Friday Civilization V was released so have been playing that quite a lot lately. I haven't totally forgotten to paint my miniatures though, I have finished a large horde movement tray for my flagellants and I'm in the process of converting a Prophet of Doom and paint more of the flagellants as well as a couple of goblin archers.

I haven't forgotten you Mantic fans either, I'm gonna paint some more ghouls and another Revenant Knight, but as you may understand I have quite much to do so don't expect it in the next couple of days. I'm also considering buying the Island of blood set, partly because you get that small rulebook and because I really like the miniatures in it, even if I don't have Skaven or High Elves armies I really want to try out and paint some of them in my own kind of way.

In the meantime you can take look of the chaos that is my painting/computer area :P Until next time.

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