Friday 3 September 2010

The Forest Troll got a mate

Finally I have had time to take some pictures of my latest Forest Troll for my O&G army, I saw that he had gotten his nose down the static grass but I think you can see how he looks anyway.

Not been doing much painting for a while though, I started to play Diablo II again warming up for the release (whenever it is released). But I have also finished my handgunners, just some more work with the basing and they are done. Also mailed Mantic asking where my Knights is, which I haven't got even if I've had pretty much the rest of the Malak's Army Deal for over two months! Anyway they said that they will send as soon as they could seems to be a pretty high demand on those knights and I understand why, they seem to look really nice. Will post a review as soon as I get my hands on them.

Down below you can see the pictures of my new Forest Troll, I want a unit of six of these trolls I think they will look pretty awesome. Hope you like him.

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