Saturday, 11 September 2010

Kings of War Rules Closed Beta!

I got an mail today or was it yesterday? Anyway, it was the ordinary Mantic Newsletter but this time there was a little suprise, the Beta rules for the Kings of War! For who don't know it already, it's Alessio Cavatore who writes the rules and so far it looks to be fun to play.

I have just read it briefly as I have been quite busy today, but the first impression I got is that it looks pretty much as a simpler version of pre 8th edition warhammer. Don't hold me to this though as I haven't read it much yet even if it's only twelve pages. I also think that I need to playtest it before I give any deeper information about how I feel about it.

As it is a closed beta so far, but if you don't get the Mantic Newsletter you not totally screwed if you want to check out the rules, head over to Beasts of War where they have an new section dedicated to KoW. If you sign up there you can download the rules and army lists as well as participate in the discussions going on there.

No pictures today but for you who would like to see more painted Mantic undead will not be disappointed, well I hope you won't. It's not much but I currently paint two new skeleton warriors which are almost done just need a coat of Quickdip and basing. Also working on making a horde of Flagellants. Stay tuned for more about KoW and more picures.


  1. Good stuff. I'll be trying out the rules on Thursday.

  2. I may need to wait longer to try it out im afraid, need to convince my brother to start playing with me. Hehe, sounds like we are children. Anyway, please tell me what you think about it when you have tried it out.


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