Thursday, 9 September 2010

New Raven Knight and Handgunners

As promised, even if a little late new pictures of my finished Raven Knight and Handgunners. The handgunners where pretty much speedpainted accept for the patterns on the trousers and i think they look okey. The knight on the other hand I've put some more time on, but I think it was worth it. I wasn't sure how he would turn out as I wasn't totally happy with the greenstuff work but when he got a little paint I think he turned out pretty nice.

On a other note I got an mail from Mantic today and apologised for the long delay of my Revenant Knights, they also said that I by way of an apology will get a couple of extra Knights :). All is forgiven Mantic! I have got good feedback from Mantic and they always reply my mails, and everyone can make an mistake, and adding a little bonus for the wait makes it even better. The knights was sent today so hopefully they will come in the beginning of next week, can't wait to paint one up. Anyway, on to some pictures of the Raven Knight and Handgunners.

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