Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Undead Revenant Knights Review

As you may have seen I finally got my Revenant Knights last week, and now I want to give you a little review of my first impressions of the miniatures, how they are to put together and to paint etc.

So when I first opened the package I got in the mail there was two of the ordinary boxes that all the miniatures from Mantic comes with. There was no box art which is a shame because most of the other boxes have some cool box art, not a huge deal though and I think they will change this to the “real” release with the plastic versions of the knights.

Anyway inside the boxes there was the normal foam and a lot of parts for both horses and knights. The first thing that came to my mind was that the horses looks quite small, even smaller than the undead Pegasus for the Vampire Lord. I didn’t like this at all in the beginning, I am a Warhammer player/painter first and foremost and in comparison with GW’s heroic style horses they look like ponies and when you play with them in Warhammer games that may look a little strange. But with no one will notice if you just do a good paint job. Also when thinking a little more about it they don’t look strange when just looking at them and their riders. And they actually should look a bit smaller as they are rotting decaying corpses of horses. So now I don’t think this is a huge problem.

When it comes to details I think they look really nice, the decaying muscles, skin and bones have good details and really looks good when painted. The knights looks really nice as well, good details and cool armor and much better looking shields than the Revenants on foot.

But there are some problems with them as well. The lance are very thin, it doesn’t look strange but because of this they bend extremely easily which can be a problem if you aren’t careful, this problem gets solved automatically when they are in plastic though. The other thing is that they all look similar, there are just two different looks on the knights, which I think is quite bad. But as you get different arms you can make them quite diverse anyway, I’ve would have liked some more helmet options and hopefully they fix this with plastic release.

  • Nice details
  • Cool looking
  • Fun to paint
  • Decaying horses instead of just bones

  • They are metal and some parts are really thin
  • More different heads for the knights
  • No extra bitz or pieces to choose from
  • The horses are a little small in my opinion

So all in all they are nice boxes and the knights looks really cool when painted. I do have high hopes for the plastic version Mantic has promised to produce, and hopefully there will be more bitz and stuff when there is a plastic kit instead.

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