Monday, 13 September 2010

Warhammer Skeletons

Just finished two new skeletons for my undead/vampire counts army. Just wanted to try out and paint some more of them, really excited over getting the new knights soon as well, they may even come tomorrow and I promise that I going to paint one up as fast as I can.

Anyway on to the normal skeletons. I've come up with an new design for the shields for them. They looks similar to some of the designs I've already painted for my Revenants. The design is supposed to be two serpents/wyrms trying to bite each others tails in an endless loop with an red eye in the middle. I'm in the process of coming up with the fluff for the army and I will try to write it down when I'm satisfied, I think I will have similar fluff in both Warhammer and Kings of War. Now on to some pictures.

These are the new ones I've painted, they are getting better and better paintingwise I think.

And a picture from the back showing the hair dudes shield with another design, don't wan't every shield to look exaclty the same.

And lastly, with the old dude as well now with the new shield design didn't like the old red one he had and I want the units shields to
have at least the same colours.


  1. Hi,

    This blog is fantastic! I especially like your kings of War stuff. The whole look and feel is really refreshing, and the new rules are going to be just too awesome! Looking through your KoW stuff has been really inspirational, as I'm starting an Undead army myself! I'll keep this blog in my favourites and will follow with keen interest.



  2. Hi! I'm happy to hear that, the main reason that I started this blog was to try and inspire other people to experiment with different colourschemes etc. and just to get other people to start painting their armies and hopefully show them for us as well.

    Thus I get very happy when it works on some of you, especially with the KoW stuff as I haven't seen that much painted miniatures other than the official ones on the web. There will be more KoW stuff I promise you, and thank you very much for your kind words will try to paint even more inspirational miniatures in the future.

  3. There's something strange with the template or something, at least on my screen my comment overlaps spike's. Will try to contact the maker of template to sort this out.

  4. I really don't know what's wrong with it, it must be something to do with Blogspot...


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