Monday, 6 September 2010

More Guardians of the Covenant

Hi there, it was some time ago I showed you some pictures of my Guardians of the Covenant, haven't been painting any of them lately though but I have taken more photos of some of the stuff I'm already painted. And first up is my Rhino, this was the first vehicle I painted in the GotC colours, and it was actually repainted from the normal Dark Angels colours, when I fell like and have the time I will probably paint it up a little bit more, with battle damage and such.

The next thing I'm gonna show you is my Attack Bike, really like how the GotC bikes turn out.

And because I like the bikes so much here is pictures of my Biker with a Melta Gun, I can actually switch the Melta for some other weapon if I would like to. I saw one thing that was missing when I took the pictures though. The backpack, *sigh* need to paint up one for him.

And for last in this update, two pictures of the dude I repainted to GotC, Asmodai.

This is all for tonight, I will make another update tomorrow hopefully, and then I gonna show pictures of my newly finished handgunners and as my third Raven Knight is soon finished as well hopefully him also, so stay tuned.


  1. I just saw these and I gotta say nice job I am really digging the red. Any chance of a tutorial on how you achieved the red color?

  2. Cool that ppl still find the old stuff as well. I actually thinkning about making some different full tutorials for different minis with step by step pics. And of course I can make one for a robed Guardian of the Covenant as well. But for short I use Machrite Red as the base and then a heavy high light with 30/70 mix of Machrite and Red Gore. Then I wash the whole robe with badab black and then a second heavy high light with the same mix then depending how much work I wanna lay down on layers I do a layer with just red gore and then the last one with Blood red. Sometimes I have a mix of Blood red and Red Gore as well between the last two highlights. Hope that's some help or wait for a better tutorial with pics and stuff :)

  3. I appreciate the quick tutorial and I will give it a shot and I can't wait to see the entire tutorials for your GotC models.

    Quick question though. when you say heavy high light are you referring to drybrushing?


  4. Sorry for the late answer but hopefully you will see this anyway. With heavy high light I mean you cover most of the area you are painting except the recesses. Hope it helps a little and I must be doing that GotC tutorial soon ^^.


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