Monday, 25 July 2011

Mantic Undead Wraiths

Another little update, and this time I wanna show you some Mantic stuff! Yeah it was some time ago I painted Mantic minis the last time. But I got really excited to paint my wraiths when I saw this awesome tutorial in nr 6 of The Invocation by SethDrallitoc (pages 13-17). Wasn't happy with my old one which I painted so I decided to try this method out and I think they look much better, quite fast to paint as well.

Been really busy IRL with the baby and all, so have been painting a little here and a little there this last couple of weeks. I currently paint my Night Goblins and building ten more Savage Orcs. I'm also in the slow ongoing process of painting the howda for the Arachnarok. As always much to do little time. Atleast I have some summer vaccation for two weeks now.

One thing I have forgotten to post is that I got my Avatars of War Berserkers last week. have built one and currently painting it, will give you a full review of the box in the coming week but I can give you a little hint, the box is awesome and there's some really nice bits.

Now pics with the wraiths:


  1. Fantastic Work on the Wraiths! Good to see this blog still going strong!

  2. Thx Spike, glad you like them. Really recommend the tutorial I linked to in the post if you want to do something similar.


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