Sunday 3 July 2011

Warpath Beta

Actually quite excited for the upcoming Sci-fi game from Mantic. Have just read the beta rules briefly and it seems like a nice game, and it gets a lot of feedback from people. But what I'm most excited about is for what they can do for a human faction, so far there have just been some concept sketches mainly from the two starter races: Marauders (Space Orcs like 40k's orks) and Forgefathers (Space Dwarfs like 40k's squats). They look from the looks of the concept arts like sci-fi versions of the Kings of War races, but as there isn't any human army from Mantic yet, it's exciting to see what it would look like. Myself I'm hoping for a Helghast looking theme, as I want this kind look on a Imperial Guard army.

For pictures and  more info and of course free beta rules for Warpath head over too Beasts of War and Mantic Games and sign up for their Newsletters.

So what's happening to my Kings of War Undead/Vampire Counts army? Not much at the moment I'm afraid. I paint mosty my O&G right now, and some WoC. But I'm starting to feel the urge to paint some more ghouls and zombies so if you like to see some more of these check out the blog in the future.

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