Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mangler Squigs - Early WIP:s

So I'm trying to do some Mangler squigs for my O&G army. Seen some really great ones on the net and that really inspired me to try myself. I've never done something similar before, to build an entire model, well at least the squigs themselves. For the gobbo riders I'll use fanatics.

I'm just in the start up phase on this one, and made the basis for one of the squigs. I used a cheap clay which is air hardening. As you now green stuff is expensive and I wanted most of the model to made of something cheaper, and then I make the details in GS. So I it will work out and here is the basis for the first squig, will try to make legs today.

Do I need another unfinished project? Hell no. Will this project be finished before GW makes official Manglers? Probably not. Do I like to start new modelling and painting projects all the time? Oh yeah.

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