Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WIP Mangler Squig and Big Spider done!

As the title says, some new pictures of the Mangler Squig. Yeah I know not much since last time, haven't had much time for painting/converting at all right now as I began work again this week. And then take care of the baby when I get home. Hopefully I will get some more time and I have my summer vaccation quite soon as well.

I also feel I'm done with the Big Spider now and quite pleased how it turned out, just need that howda to get done soon as well, quite boring construction to paint. Other than that I has made a new order from Wayland Games, this time I will get the Storm of magic book, the magic cards, fanatics for my Manger conversion and Savage Orc boar boys. Delayed as the last time I'm afraid but it will hopefully get here soon enough.

Anyway here's some pictures of the spider and Mangler.


  1. Spectacular site! Love the painting, and hope you don't mind if I feature you in next weeks Midweek Inspiration on FBR!

  2. Thank you and glad you like it. Of course I don´t mind, really like what your doing with your site as well and would be honoured if you feature my work :)


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