Monday, 12 December 2011

Crapcast indeed, my first Finecast model

I haven't bought a single one Finecast model since they where first released. All the bad press made me wait until they've sorted it out, because I don't want a model that have holes and missing bodyparts. And I had probably waited longer but when I needed to renew my WD subscribtion I also wanted the new 2012 model of the White Dwarf himself. I have some of the older ones and now I pretty much collect WD minis, and this one look really nice in my opinion. Sadly the one I got didn't look that great. I got my first Finecast model or Crapcast, Failcast etc. as some people call them earlier today and now I know why people call them different less pleasant names.

At first glance I actually didn't see anything wrong with it, I thought the face looked a little bit thin but I thought it would look better when painted. But then I saw the first thing, the treasure chest was too thin!

Okey that I can fix with green stuff, I won't return it for this. But I looked on the model a bit more and then I found something else.

A large part of the underarm and gun was freaking missing! Damn, yeah now I have to have a talk to GW and get a new one. I can accept the chest but I don't have the skill to fix that arm properly and I don't have to fix it by myself either. The model costs 160 skr (£12.50, $20.75) and you should get a perfect working model and this is not. And then when I took pictures for this blog post I saw some more things wrong with it.

Can't really tell for sure but the face looks strange, to thin, especially the nose and the right portion of the face don't really have any details on it (the eye looks really strange). Also half of the right thumb is really thin as you can see on the picture.

So my first contact with Finecast isn't a nice one I'm afraid, not impressed at all. Hopefully GW will get better in the future but I will continue to stay away from them as long as I can. I hope you others don't have these kinds of problems but I know many of you do. And hopefully the next one I get is better, now I'm off for writing an angry letter to GW.


  1. Good God. They must have zero quality control.

  2. Yeah, sure looks like that I'm afraid. Just hope it gets better, not fun to worry about the quality every time you buy a Finecast Model.


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