Friday, 2 December 2011

An impressive Pre heresy Dark Angels army

Saw this on Beasts of War, and it's an really impressive looking Pre Heresy Dark Angels Force from Worthy Painting. Just had to show it here even though it's not my army (I wouldn't mind having it though), it's really nicely painting and it really shows how cool the Forge World Pre Heresy bitz makes an army (expensive as hell though). Also the Pre Heresy Dark Angels colour scheme looks totally awesome, check out the video below it's worth your time :).


  1. Wow! Fantastic work! Are the heads for a couple of the characters from the Sanguinary Guard? They look great. I'm just getting back into the game and you have given me some great ideas.

  2. I'm afraid that this army aren't mine so can't take credit for it. But I do also spot some Sanguinary Guard heads in there, and the kitbashing and all the FW stuff is really impressive. Great that that the video gave you some ideas, it sure did for me as well.


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