Saturday, 10 December 2011

WoC Update: Khorne Marauder & more Warhounds

I'm at last finished with my Khorne Marauder test model, think it turned out quite nice. First I was thinking of doing them as Tzeentch and just add something red to mark them as Khorne but wasn't happy with the result so I went all Khorne on him instead.

As always, there's some warpaint cuz I love how it looks on some models like orcs and marauders. I used a Empire head for this one, because I wanted a more or less bald head and without a helmet so the warpaint can be seen. He don't look very frenzied warrior but I don't think everyone needs to just because they are Khorne worshippers.

Tell me what you think and if you have pic or links to cool Khorne Marauders I would really interested in seeing them. Also I'm not a huge fan of the heads on the Marauder sprue and I will buy some Horsemen to get some nicer head options.

And then there's two new Warhounds, painted them a little bit differently. One I did as the my test model a while back and the other with a bluer tone. Can't decide which one I like best, maybe I do both.


  1. I really like that marauder! Crisp, clean painting for a rank and file model. And I really like the conversion for the double handed weapon.

    The face is a stand out on a very well done model!


  2. Thank you and gald you liked, really pleased with it myself. I'm in the process of painting new ones now and a unitfiller. Hopefully the whole unit will look nice.

  3. Woah, I must have been drunk or something when I wrote the above. Sry about that :P


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