Monday, 5 December 2011

Wood Elf Wild Rider Centaur

Here's a little conversion project I did some years ago, a Wood Elf Centaur used as Wild Riders. I gave this and his five companions to my little brother for christmas two years ago. And I thought I had taken pictures of it so I could show it here on the blog.

I know some fluff nerds say that these kind of half breeds or mutated thingies are all belonging to Chaos and their gods. But I say no to that! And I think it's only fitting the theme, Wild Riders have the forest kindred spirit something (don't have the book with me) and therefore should be more of one with nature, like Centaurs :) Not the best of paint jobs Iv'e done, but I haven't been painting many elves and I wasn't used to use Quick Shade back then. I really like the conversion though and hope you like it as well.

The conversion is based on Wood Elves Glade Riders horse body, standard, head, cloak and weapons. The torso and arms comes from Beastmen Ungors, then there's some green stuff and leaves from Warhammer Fantasy Basing Kit. The leaves are pink because my brother wanted his WE army to look like they come from a forest with trees looking like the Japanese Cherry Blossom.


  1. I like it, the colours work really well. I think the arms are just a tad too thick though.

    And the third pic, only the third one, makes his head look like it is falling off ;-)

  2. Thx guys

    Gaarew - Yeah you're right about the third pic, hmm strange :P About the arms I agree, but tried elf arms and that looked ridiculous compared to the muscular torso.

  3. I really like it. I've been modellin my centigor (and, ashamedly, watching narnia...) and wondered if centaur did exist...I really like everything about this model, even the ungor arm. Good job, hope you do more!


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