Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tutorial: Making a Army Display Board Part: 2

Now it begins to actually look like something and I think it looks quite nice now when it's done. And it looks really nice on the shelf with some miniatures on top of it, much nicer than just having the minis right on shelf by themselves. It's a little time consuming when making these boards but it's well worth it. Now I really would like to do a snowy one for my snow based armies.

Anyway, here's the rest of the tutorial.

Here's it starts to look like something. After I sprayed the cliffs black in Part 1 and has dried I sprayed the cliffs with an old GW spray called Shadow Gray. You can also use a GW Spray Gun or similar or other brands of grey sprays, be careful not to melt the polystyrene to much though. Then I painted the surface of the ground with a brown colour (the large one from Citadel Scenery painting pack). Use a lot of water and you don't need to use to much paint.

Next up is to drybrush both the ground and the cliffs. For the ground I used Ochre from the Scenery Painting Pack and for the cliffs I first used Adeptus Battlegrey on the recesses where the spray paint didn't got in. I then dry brushed the whole cliffside with Astronomican Grey. Then I need the make some grass I first used used the grass from the Citadel Scenery Painting Pack which is kind of a dark, burnt grass. Then When dried took some glue on top of the grass and used a greener grass to get the result as shown on the fourth picture here. There you can also see that I've used some moss and clump foliage for shrubs and bushes as well as flock on some of the hillsides to make it look like moss.

And here is the final result! Looks quite nice if I may say so, added more bushes, grass some undergrowth painted some of the larger stones on the ground and so on. I'm really satisfied and with an army on as you can see below it looks even better. Much cooler to have on the shelf than just some a lot of miniatures everywhere.


  1. You have a great blog here. Your choice of skin tone on the savage orks is excellent, they look great.

    Would you care to blog exchange? Mine is the Midwest Monster Lab.

  2. Sure thing, glad you like my blog and I must say that there's really some great stuff on yours, those horrors looks awesome! Consider yourself added to the blog roll =).


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