Saturday, 17 March 2012

Empire Update: More Halberdiers and Bear Unitfiller finished

Another update for my Empire but first the latest rumours regarding Empire. It now seems that Empire will arrive in April together with the new paint range. So looks like a really exciting time next month. And another thing that I'm really looking forward to but isn't war gaming related, Diablo III will be released on May 15! Busy days ahead it seems :) Anyhow, on to the stuff I'm been doing lately.

The unit as it looks now, 24 men and 1 bear strong. So pretty much half of the unit is done.
Some added details on my movement tray, but I'm afraid I'm not a good friend with camera just yet so this blurry pic will have to do.
I have been painting more Halberdiers so eight new soldiers arrive to the unit including the Unit filler with the fearsome locking Bear! I have also done a a new movement tray for them and the the idea is to make this my first magnetized tray. The problem is that I don't have enough magnets right now but I will order a couple of hundred of them so this won't be a problem. I will try to magnetize most of my trays and hopefully this will result in lesser amounts of damaged models.

Really like this model and needed to put it somewhere, so why not in a Halberdier regiment?

It was really fun and quite easy to paint, used Vermin Brown as the base colour for the bear fur.

I wrote that it was 8 new soldiers. and these and the unit filler just makes them 6. That's because I forgot to photograph the last 2 repainted ones. Well they are in the unit at least. Many people dislike the newest State Troops, I don't really dislike them but they are harder to paint because all the small details. But the thing that annoy me most... no puffy sleeves! But I like anyway.
Other things going on for the Empire is my Greatswords unit, which I will show In a later post but it is shaping up nicely. Also been working on my Grey Wizard and Elector Count of the Empire on a Griffon. Which will be done soon I hope.

Last pic for today, a army photo with most of the stuff painted. Missing some Greatswords, ten Crossbowmen a Stank and a whole lot of unpainted stuff.


  1. Real nice work. The unit looks very impressive, the scenic movement tray suits them well.

    That army looks great together. Impressive stuff.

  2. Thx Kuffeh, always nice to hear when people appreciates your work.

  3. Oh yeah indeed, it always makes me sad faced when I get no comments on my blog. But these guys look great, how many points is it at and how far do you plan to go?

    Man... I wish I had room for a table in my flat. But the lady says no. :(

  4. Now what you mean. But I'm not commenting other blogs either and really need to get better at that, just so little time.

    You mean point's for this unit or the whole army? I guess army, and I don't know how many points it is right now that is painted. A for the plan, the plan is to paint up pretty much all the minis I have. But for the empire army right know the priority is to complete the Units I have started on already and the artillery pieces. I will count up how many points this is when I get home, fun to know.

    I know what you mean with room for table and miniatures. I have my desk, pc and all my hobby stuff in our closet room together with boxes with other stuff, baby clothes etc. :P Need a bigger place asap!

  5. Oh yeah, that is the hard part I find. I stop off and look at them but often I don't have anything to say about the pictures.

    The army. Oh, have quite a lot to do then? I am doing the same with my armies, slowly painting up units and squads.

    Don't all gamers?! I just need to convonce the girlfriend to allow me a spare room in our next flat. hahaha....


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