Monday, 26 March 2012

News: List of all the new Empire stuff (with teaser trailer)

Taken from post from Bobske on Warseer confirms what we will get in the next Empire release which will happen April 7th with Pre orders up March 31st.

Posted by Bobske

ok let's make some people happy
The store order list

7th of April, new stuff

Empire Army book 33 EUR
Karl Franz on Death Claw 1 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Empire Celestial Hurricanium/Luminark of Hish 1 fig. plastic 39 EUR (no clue what it is but I guess something like the new VC thingymagic)
Empire Demigryph Knights 3 fig. plastic 43 EUR
Captain plastic 1 fig. 10,5 EU
Engineer plastic 10,5 EUR
Volkar on war altar plastic 1 fig 39 EUR
witch hunter 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Markus Wolfhart 1 fig resin 13 EUR
Empire amber wizard 1 fig resin splash release 13 EUR
Warrior priest 1 fig resin 13 eur

pfff, I took my bike to the city on my day off, for you guys, so hope you enjoy

I reallt want to see pictures now and I'm not a WHFB player and do not like the Empire
Well we'll just wait until someone receives his WD subscription (mine almost always arrived after it was in stores so I cancelled it  

 Comment: So excited by this and don't know how I will afford all of the stuff I want (which is pretty much all of it). Most stuff we had rumours about before but now we know the names on the Magic "altars" which have rather odd sounding names but I'm pretty sure they will look awesome. Demigryph knights is a must buy and a lot of other things like Karl Franz on Deathclaw and Volkmar, strange that they use the special character names for these as rumours suggests them to be generic kits. Well we have to wait for pics now which I'm most excited about. Also very pleased to see a Witch Hunter model! We haven't heard this before and hopefully there will be an entry for them in the AB as well. Now I can't wait to see some pictures.

EDIT: And here's the teaser trailer from the Games Workshop blog

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