Thursday, 8 March 2012

I got the Army Painter Mega Paint Set today!

For some reason all the things I have ordered and pre-ordered show up same day. And today was a really great day in that regard. First of all I got my Army Painter Mega Paint Set! I was just looking for a gift for my brothers birthday (I got him a little useful piece Ogre Kingdoms artillery) and I ran over this Mega Paint Set. I have seen it before and I have thought long and hard if I should get it or not and finally I couldn't resist. I didn't really need all the paints in the box, but I needed some of them and I needed some new brushes badly.

I'm also a big fan of most of the Army Painter stuff and I thought I will give it a try. And I must say so far so good and I'm really satisfied with the purchase. Will do a proper review soon but I will try it out more and actually paint with them do give a fair view of what I think of it.

Also got some more stuff in the same order that I needed, Army Painter's Anti-Shine Primer and some magnets for conversions and interchangeable parts on models.

And for last I got something that isn't Wargaming related but I think most of you know about. I got Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition. Love the first games and I have been looking forward for this game for quite some time. The Collectors Edition was nice but I think they could have put some more stuff in it actually. Also didn't like that my ps3 version Steel Case (which although looks really nice) is in DVD size and not Blu Ray size like the rest of the Ps3 games. Just a minor complaint but I don't like when they do things like this. Could play the game for like an hour and even if the playtime was brief a lot of stuff happens and the game looks just as promising as I have been expecting. Looking forward playing more of it.

Back to some Wargaming things then, been painting more Empire stuff and I'm making new Artillery bases (the large round ones) and I think I will have some neat things to show you next update. So, until next time.

If you want to buy the Army Painter Mega Set, check out Total Wargamer where you can get it really cheap! Just follow the link above and if you buy something you will also supports me and this Blog. And I promise you that all the funds raised this way will go to buy more things Wargaming Related.

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