Tuesday 6 March 2012

Empire Update: Griffons, Artillery & Wizards

So another Empire update, have been painting a little here and a little there so not anything fully finished yet I'm afraid. But, the Griffon is pretty much finished just need to get the rider done. I actually dipped the whole griffon (or splashed on with a big brush) and I still see some shine there I need to get rid of. Other than that I'm quite satisfied with how it turned out with the armour and all. Also redone the base quite a a lot, you can compare with how it looked before I re-painted it, check out the ten year old version here

Next up is some Halberdiers which have been on hold when I focused on getting the Griffon done. But not that much more to do to finish them so will try to finish these next. Also here you can see the little unitfiller with a bear and handler really cool model if you ask me.

Lastly I have purchased some new models. Two Mortars, because I need the wheels. Also one of them is the old classic metal model with crew and everything. Will be fun to paint these. Also I found this beauty, the Mordheim model Nicodemus. He quite large in scale like many other Mordheim models but that doesn't matter much for me. The model is really cool and actually quite nicely painted already so I just need to touch up some things and make him more grey as I want to use him as an Grey Wizard. That's all for now, don't know what next update will be yet but I will make one as soon as I can.


  1. That Griffin conversion is AMAZE. What's the base colour you are using for the bear, if I may?

  2. Thank you very much, quite happy with it my self. For the bear I'm pretty sure I used Vermin Brown as the base colour. Will try to get this done soon.

  3. Great work here. I like the griffon, the conversion took me a second to realise what you had done. Convincing. I really like the wizard too, simple looking but effective.

  4. Thx Kuffeh for the nice words. I will actually repaint the Wizard a little, to make it look more like an Grey Wizard.


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