Saturday, 31 March 2012

Orcs and Goblins Update: More Black Orcs painted

I have been painting quite much lately but it feels like nothing gets finished, and sometimes is feels like that. This time it's probably because I've painted a lot of base colours for some of my models. 11 more Empire Halberdiers, 3 Mortar crew members and 5 Greatswords. But this is a O & G update so what have I been doing with them then? Well not much really, I focus a lot on my Empire army right now before the new AB is released and I will probably focus even more on it after that when I paint all the new stuff.

But here and there I squeeze in some models from the other armies and this time it's Black Orcs. Some of you may remember my old posts showing the first two test models for my BlOrc unit and that I was still undecided which route I want to go. Well I tried the middle road and here's the result.

Sorry for the poor quality on the pics, sometimes I just can't take decent pictures. I like these more than the test models but I'm still undecided on this colour scheme. I may be going with red instead of green but I don't know. Comments, criticism and ideas are very welcome, should I go with this green or go with red instead?

That's all for O & G for know but I will continue to make these little updates for them.


  1. I like 'em. I think they wouldn't work if the bases weren't in that style as the dark green washes them out some and makes the yellow cool.

    You could add a bit more mud splatter to the back of the chainmail.

  2. Thx for the reply Minitrol. Yeah I think I will go with this theme and see how it looks when the whole unit is completed. Completely agree with adding more mud splatter, rust etc. Now the chainmail parts looks a bit to shiny.


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