Friday, 4 May 2012

WIP: War Altar of Morr Progress

I'm taking it slow with this conversion as I still haven't figured it all out how I'm going to Morr:ify the War Altar. Now I think I have some decent ideas and I've started the assembling and painting of the model. I actually paint most of the parts individually as the interior and stuff is much harder to paint once the whole model is assembled and there is so much details so I recommend going with this route.

Accept from the Statue I haven't done any real conversions yet. I will paint most of it and assemble most of it before I do most of the conversions. I plan on fill the windows with plasti card and have some Morr:y stuff there like more candles (which we get plenty of in the kit), more skulls, hourglass etc. I will also cover the chassi in black roses which I'm currently making with roses from the Garden of Morr and I'm in the process of copying them with Instant Mold.

The statue is from the Garden of Morr but thought it looked a bit skinny on top of that altar so I took the wings from my old War Altar :-o chopped the and glued them to this statue. As you can see on the pic the whole thing is tinted on the altar and that because I haven't glued on the altar yet as you can understand from what I've mentioned earlier. And as it is right now it can't stand upright by it self.

I have also found my Morr High Priest I think. Was going for the Arch Lector found in the War Altar Kit but I went another route instead. I found the this 40k Sisters of Battle Confessor and thought that may be good looking High Priest and I think the pose is excellent for the altar (sorry I couldn't show this on the pic, the whole model will tip if I put him there now when its unglued). I also found it fitting with him holding the icon in his hands, so I will do some green stuff work on this guy. I will use the Death Wizard scythe as his weapon and I will green stuff a robe (and the top of his head of course) and change the necklace. Think it will look rather nice.

So what do you think? Any more suggestions and ideas on how to Morr:ify the War Altar. Is it something you think I should change? All comments are very welcome.


  1. That looks really great. The wings on the statue work really well, makes it look bulky and imposing. Nice choice of priest!

  2. Looks really cool so far. Great idea for the priest

  3. Thx guys, it will be fun to continue on this project even if it may take some time to finish.


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