Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Empire Update: Demigryph Knights finished!

Yep, the first unit of three Demigryph Knights are finally finished. They do take some time to paint as I really want them to look good. I'm really satisfied with how the unit turned out and will now focus on some other projects for a while and finish up the next three Demigyphs later on. Great kit to work with and I really like how they look, and even if it may look a bit odd with the enormous bases it's nice to have some space to work with when doing the basing.

Don't know what I want to do next, have many different projects going on. Still painting the War Altar and have decided to go with (morr)flaggies dragging the wagon instead of horses, but the thing is not fun to paint at least not the main chassi. Also painting some Halberdiers, Greatswords and need to paint some wizards and start on the Hurricanum. Meanwhile I also want to start to paint up some WoC again and will probably do a command group for the Khorne Marauders soon, as well as painting up some more Tzeentch Warriors. Much to do and so little time :/ So sorry for the lack of updates lately, been totally focused on getting these babies done and also been playing a little of D3 Hopefully it won't take to long for the next update.


  1. Time well spent, these knights look fantastic.

  2. Thanks mate, glad you like them. Even if it took some time they where a joy to paint.

  3. Great work. It is cool to seem them in the rather shining silver armour. I like the addition of the purple and yellow cloth on the reins, nice work.


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