Sunday, 13 May 2012

WoC Update: Marauders, Warhounds and Lord

No Empire update? No, I actually got an little injection of interest in my WoC so I decided to finish some miniatures that have stood on the shelf for some time just half finished. So why this sudden interest then? You who follow me on twitter may have seen that I got a quite nice deal on Tradera (swedish eBay) with a lot of WoC miniatures. Haven't got them yet but some of the stuff I will get is 48 warriors (omg I will have many Warriors), ten knights (need these as the 10 I already had was converted into Empire knights), 20 warhounds (so I will have 30 of them), 20 Chosen and a lot of characters including Wulfric, Sigwald, Nurgle sorc, Khorne lord on juggernaught and more. But the ,ost awesome stuff is the forgeworld stuff, Sayl the faithless with his spawn from Tamurkhan and the Khorne Deamon Prince, all for a really reasonable price in my opinion. I also needed a little break from my Empire but I'm now painting my Demigryph Knights again.

So expect more WoC stuff in the future, will get my new toys next week and I think I can't hold my painting hands from them to long. Until then you can look at what I've finished for now, 4 new Warhounds (tzeentch looking) 2 more Khorne Marauders with GWs (have more on the way) and a WIP of my Tzeentch Lord/Sorcerer Lord with magnetized torso so I can change between this, Manticore mount or horse and Disc. Hope you like them.

Together with the rest of the gang, hopefully a lot more will join their ranks.

One of the inspirations for the war paint (yeah I know, I love to paint war paint on my minis) was from Kratos in God of War

The back with war paint and snowy bases.
Four new Warhounds painted a little bluer this time
And together with their friends, just three more to complete the unit.

And some photos of my Tzeentch Lord/Sorc Lord from different angles. Will be making more options for him as I have magnetized him like Disc, Horse etc.

 And for last a little pic of all the painted stuff for my WoC army, it's really slowly building up but I will paint more and faster as soon as I finish some more Empire projects.


  1. Thank you, as always it's nice to hear people like what you do :)

  2. Look great, love the great weapon conversions

  3. Never would have thought to magnetize a mini at the waist like that. The fact that the cloak will cover the join is brilliant.

  4. Thanks guys, plenty of more WoC stuff coming up soon.


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