Friday, 18 May 2012

WoC Update: Big reinforcements incoming! And new GW paints

A mini update this time but wanted to show you the latest big purchase I made on Tradera (Swedish eBay). Haven't counted the pts but I feel it's quite much, many characters and Warriors of Chaos.

48 new Warriors, will doing some converting on them and change some weapons and stuff (to halberds) dunno how to paint them all yet but I'm leaning on making one unit Nurgle with halberds (the green ones on the right) and one Khorne and maybe one more Tzeentch or Slaneesh. Also 20 more Hounds. 

20 Chosen (I have just assembled 10 of them here), 10 Knights, 1 Khorne Lord on Juggernought. Khorne Lord on foot, Sayl the faithless (from Tamurkhan), 1 Nurgle Sorc, and 1 Lord on Deamonic Steed and all the last three I got duplicates of (including Sayl), so need some ideas and maybe suggestions of what to do with them.

Some more bitz and stuff.

The rest of the stuff I haven't assermbled yet, 10 chosen and all the duplicates of the heroes. Also 2 Wulrik and 1 Sigwald.

Also got this "little" beauty. Khorne Daemon Prince, need some more assembling, a base and some more colour (he was already painted like this when I got him, a bit unsure if I shall continue painting him this way or more Khorn'y' )

Yes I got two Sayl the faithless, thinking of making one of them into an Empire Wizard! :O

Also got some new GW paints today a little of everything except the the washes... I mean shades, which I got all of (I like washes/shades) also all four glazes which will be really intresting to test out and some other stuff. Have tried out some of the shades and glazes already which you can see on the more green warriors in the first picture. Will try them out more and make a post of what I think about them.


  1. That is quite a few warriors there. Looking cool, can't wait to see more of them.

    It'll be interesting to see what you think of the new paints.

  2. Still focusing on my Empire atm but will also do some more WoC stuff from now on. Haven't tried out the new paints all that much yet, but so far I like them.. Not more than the old though so still needs some testing, will make an little review of them of some sorts later on.


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