Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Got some Warhammer for my Birthday, sadly also Failcast

So I'm now 27 years old, how does it feel? Just like yesterday. Anyhow, I got some really neat things like Season 1 of Game of Thrones and Rome S1 and S2 on Blu-ray, some nice clothes, a book and some Warhammer of course. I got the awesomely huge Empire Griffon, and I must say it looks like a really nice kit. Besides the huge Griffon and the different configurations for it there's actually three different riders, Karl Franz, a General and a Amber Wizard. Will do some conversions and try to make use of all the three riders.

Yeah for you who got good eyesight, I'm having error 37 on Diablo 3 as well.

I also got my second Finecast Hellcannon (I bought one myself a couple of days ago). The first one was really nice, just some bubbles but otherwise really nice. But the one I got today was sadly a failcast version as you can see on the pics below. This dwarf was the the worst one I got in the kit, strangely I also got a second in the kit instead of one of the other three. The one on the comparison picture is the one from the good kit though. The cannon it self looked all right but not as good as the first one I got, but two of the same model, one really bad and one quite good and a third differently posed model was also not looking good makes me going to turn it in for a new one.

The one to the right is from my first purchase, and the second one is from my birthday present.

After I got the first one together with my Empire Witch hunter made me think that maybe GW has gotten better with their Finecast, apparently I was wrong. It isn't okey for a kit to look like that for the big price tag they have. I will be making a new review of Finecast really soon to make some more comparisons and see how my new second kit will look like, so stay tuned.


  1. Many happy returns!

    For yesterday. Err timing fail.

    Sounds like you got spoiled good with er spoiled goods.

    Damn that second dwarf is horrible looks like he was a witness in a mob trial.

  2. Hehe, thank you Minitrol. Yeah I'm spoiled alright, and always nice to get some warhammer for your birthday. Sadly the Hellcannon was not good at all, will do a new post regarding Finecast and how it still is a real hit or miss in quality. The first Hellcannon looked really nice with really crisp details, and is a lot easier to assemble than the old metal version. Thanks for commenting ^^

  3. I brought my first Finecast just recently it was overall okay couple of minor niggles but the good parts were astoundingly good.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yeah, if just all the models looked like that. Iv'e got four different Finecast models, two of them I had to return/get new one. Still waiting for the crew on my last Hellcannon as the the new kit and last kit they had at my local GW store was miscasts as well. So it is a real hit or miss for me so far.


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