Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Goblin Wolf Riders Conversions

As soon I saw the Fenrisian Wolves box with five wolves the first idea in my mind (and probably for many other O&C players) was to use them as mounts for my Goblin Wolf Riders as the current ones are really old. Sadly the idea didn't get further and when I saw these up on eBay for a good price I couldn't resist.

Normally I don't like to buy "pre"painted or "pre"converted models as I want to do these things my self. But when I saw these and how good they looked I just needed to buy them, as It would have taken a lot of time for me to do them my self If I ever came to even trying.

So here you have them, ten uniquely converted Goblin Wolf Riders. The thing I like the most is the really dynamic poses, a total opposite to the old really static looking Wolf Riders. I know all the bitz used but the heads which I don't recognise at all :S. Anyone who knows? Hope you like them as much as I do and next time you see them they are painted hopefully.


  1. I think some of those heads are from the plastic 40k grots

  2. good find there matey. time to put some paint on them now...

  3. Alex - Yeah I think you're right, at least I spotted some of them as Gretchin heads.

    BuRock - Yeah, if it werent't for all those other models that also need paint. I promise to paint soon though.

  4. I concur, those are from grots :)


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