Tuesday, 23 October 2012

News: More WoC Pictures, 2013 White Dwarf sub model + new Bundles info

So got some more and better pictures from the same guy as before where you can see some of the models a lot better, here you go. Also showing this time the new White Dwarf sub model, really nice I must say.

 Pictures are from here.

Info from the same guy again and also via Warseer.

New Bundles are:


2X tactical squad
1X command squad
1X Commander
1X scouts
1X LandraiderCrusader
1X Ironclad
1X Razorback
1X Droppod

1X Walker
1X Bark
1X Glider
6X Jetbikes
1X Spider
2X Worriors (24)
1X Extinctors
6X Scarabs

1X Dragon
1X Shrine
1X Corpscart
1X Vargheists/Crypt (3)
1X Zombies (20)
1X Skeletons 20
1X Ghules 10
1X Knights 5
1X Necromancer

1X Karl Franz
1X Hellfire
1X Shrine
1X Knights 10
1X Commander/BSB
1X Spearmen 20
1X Greatswords 10
1X Technicus


Empire: 195€
Vamps: 200€
SM: 200€
Necrons 200€ 

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