Saturday, 20 October 2012

News: New WHFB FAQ:s are up!

Many major changes in the latest FAQ updates including Rulebook, Empire, VC, TK, Daemons and Dwarfs. One of my favourites is that Monstrous Cavalry now gets to use the highest Toughness, so Demigryph Knights are now T4 :) Down below are summary from Kalandros in the first post of the thread discussing these new changes. You find the thread here and you find the updated FAQ pdf here.

From Warseer:

Putting a bunch of endless rules debate to rest and changing a few things at the same time, many FAQ updates including Rulebook, Empire, VC, TK, Daemons and Dwarfs, maybe one or two others I missed?

Q: If a unit charges into combat and, on the turn it charges, the last
of the enemy unit it is fighting are removed as casualties due to
Daemonic Instability, the Unstable special rule, Cornered Rats or as
a result of a War Machine failing its Break test, does the charging
unit get to make an Overrun move? (p58).
A: No.
So not only Undead and Daemons but any war machine, units of skaven slaves and squig herds - anything which is removed AFTER the 'combat round' (Overrun only allowed if models were killed before the 'who wins' step)
Q: Do units that are deployed as Scouts count toward determining
who finished deploying their army first? (p79)
A: No. 
Finally placing scouts back to where they belong: not part of normal deployment~
Page 83 – Monstrous Cavalry.
In the second paragraph, replace “All the cavalry rules…with
one exception – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Wounds characteristic…” with “All the cavalry rules…with
two exceptions – monstrous cavalry always use the highest
Toughness and Wounds characteristics…” 
Demigryphs are now T4.

Page 107 – The Battle Standard Bearer.
Add “If a Battle Standard Bearer is in a unit that Refuses a
Challenge and is subsequently moved to the rear of its unit, it
loses the Hold Your Ground rule until the end of the turn.
Note, however, that if the Battle Standard Bearer has a magic
standard its effects continue to apply as normal (it cannot be
‘switched on or off’)”. 
No more hiding the BSB at the back and benefit from BSB reroll - its now gone until next turn.
Q: Do lone characters get a Look Out, Sir roll against Impact
Hits if there is a friendly unit consisting of five or more models of
the character’s troop type within 3”? (p96)
A: Yes. 
This one was weird but understandable. Warning someone about to be run over, has 50% chance to react in time it seems~ rare occurrence in the game however. Few are caught by a wolf chariot charging 18"+ into their lone character.

Tomb Kings! All is not entirely lost:
Page 29 – Army Special Rules, Entombed Beneath the Sands
Add “A unit with the Entombed Beneath the Sands special
rule may choose to deploy normally along with the rest of the
army if the owning player wishes. In this case, the owning
player must clearly state this to their opponent before either
player begins deploying their army. 
Stalkers can now begin the game in play right away instead of always risking to lose them
This means that chaff like Swarms and war machine hunters like Scorpions can also start at your deployment line instead of risking them for nothing.

A good change - allowing flexibility depending on the opponent as you decide at deployment, not on your army list (except for Necro Knights, you gotta pay the points to give them the now optional choice of entombment of course~)

etc read up and follow the new rulings!


  1. Some fairly common sense changes. I sometimes dread these FAQ's as you don't know what way they will dance - A B or octopus.

  2. Yaeh totally agree with you there. Quite good changes and additions this time around.

    1. Seems like a good round of updates, like the BSB change. Mildly surprised about the unstable rule, but as a VC player it adds another layer of groove to the army. Skavenslaves get even better!


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