Tuesday, 23 October 2012

News: Warriors of Chaos pics from Nov WD!!

Pictures of Skullcrushers, Hellstriders, a new Scyla model, Warshrine, Festus and Valkia. So a lot of new models for my WoC, unfortunalty I'm not that sold yet. The jugger knights looks good,  Got this from Warseer, it's from a Austrian member 'Kurl Veranek' who got White Dwarf early and he put up some photos of the new WoC stuff. Not super great quality but you see how the stuff looks at least.

Also here's some rules:

Rare Choice:

Jugger Rider 60pts per model
unit size 3+
can take lances and a standart up to 50 pts
same weapon rules as knights
WS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A2 LD8

WS5 S5 T5 W1 I2 A2 Ld7
Will of Chaos
monstrous Cav
Magic Res 1
Mark of Khorne

Special Choice:


Slaanesh Rider 19pts
WS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 Ld7
Shields and Spears
light Cav
can get always strikes first for the first round of combat for 1pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Fear and Will of Chaos
poison (mount)

Unit destroyed
1+ devastating charge
2+ stubborn
3+ 4+ Ward

All in all not that impressed, but hey it may look better IRL and when you can paint and convert a little yourself they will probably look better. The Skullcrushers and Hellstriders looks pretty much like I thought, and I like the first one the second one though I have never liked the concept of. The Warshrine I dond't know what to think of, it's a little to much going on I think and the whole model looks to busy. Some parts of it like the models riding it and the 'chaos ogres?' holding the thing looks cool though and will make really nice bitz as well. On the characters is kind of hard to tell, but both Festus and Valkia looks pretty much as the artwork from the current book. Scyla got an new much bigger model, never liked the old one but I don't know if I prefer this one either. Easier to say when we get some better and more pictures. What do you think?


  1. Awesome!

    Thank you for the pictures.

  2. Hey man. Cool info

    by the way if you are looking for playing warhammer I am in Uppsala and looking for someone to play about 1000 points battles. Rules are 7th (I am ok with 8th) but lists are Ravening Hordes( I like the balance). If interested notify me

  3. Np guys!

    Konstantinos Travlos - Sure thing if I'm ever around that area of the country, which I probably won't be in the foreseeable future though.

    Didn't know ppl still play the Ravening Hordes lists, they where really nice though and I agree about the balance thing being better.

  4. Hej Johan

    Not so much as people play, as I play. I get to spend more money on minis then on books (although the books are getting really tempting)! You can reach me at ktravlos@yahoo.com or the phdleadhead blog


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