Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Poll: Which CSM army should I start to paint?

Hey there, quite some time ago since I've updated the blog. I'm now in my new apartment but still have lots of things to do, among them getting a normal Internet Connection (thank god for the ability sharing connection with your phone). So not much painting or anything the last couple of weeks, will do some more hobby stuff from now on though.

One of the things I wanted to do is to paint up some of the Chaos Space Marines from the Dark Vengeance box. But I'm still unsure of what colours and what legion they will belong to. My first thought was Alpha Legion as I like the colours and the different look they have. But there have been a little to much of them lately in both WD and on the GW webpage so now I'm more leaning on painting up some Iron Warriors.

What colours do you want to see this Helbrute in?

So I want some help, what do you think I should paint up? Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons or Night Lords? Can make DIY renegade chapter instead if someone posts a good idea in the comments but first and foremost you can choose between these four alternatives.

Can't promise that the winning alternative is the one I will paint up, however it will affect my decision greatly and help me choose what CSM army I will start up. If you have further suggestions or ideas please tell me in the comments below. Thank you.


  1. NightLords, just don't go too batty. :)

  2. What is too batty? :P Like using only the Winged Helmets from the NL Conversion Pack? I agree though, if they win and I end up painting Night Lords I won't go too batty I promise ;)


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