Sunday, 9 December 2012

Demigryph Knights Preceptor Finished!

At last this model is finished. But it's the same with all the Demigryph Knights, you can paint them forever and add the last touches for hours. But after a while you have to stop and consider it finished so you can move on to the next thing in line (in this case two more Demigryph Knights!).

And I don't really it's that strange, they are really nice models in my opinion and great centrepiece models for the Empire Army. So I think you should spend time and effort to paint them up nicely. So here we have the fourth Knight Manticore (as the chapter is called) in this unit and also the Preceptor or the Champion in the unit. As I don't think I will use champions much in these units I decided to magnetize this sword arm so you can put an ordinary lance there if you want to. 

A little bit of kitbashing here as well with an head from the good old Empire Knights kit and a Manticore from the old 5th ed Bretonnian Knights of the Realm. Think it turned out really well in the end and now I'm working on the last two in this unit, the standard bearer and musician.

Please tell me what you think.


  1. Great choice of colours. The red, silver work really well. The purple and yellow are really nice complimentary colours. Great work. A unit of these would be a great centrepiece.

  2. Ooooooo... very nice! Looking at the scheme, it's dark and earthy, with splashes of colour. The only change I would make is to use a lighter tone on the shield. My reason is that years ago I read that spot colours work well in evenly spaced patterns eg 2 points in a line ":" or triangle ".`." or rectangle "::" with triangle being the most common. The head crest, peytral (horse chest armour) and crupper (horse rump armour)forms a triangle, with the shield forming a large colour block in the centre. You can see what I mean when you look at the model from the other side. The shield is not visible and the armour separates the red spot colours.
    It's a minor adjustment and really down to taste, never the less and great paint job!

  3. Fantastic job, an impressive model. What size magnets did you use?

  4. Thanks a lot guys! Glad you liked it, so four done and two to go. Will soon be finished with the standard bearer I hope.

    Kuffeh - Yeah and soon the unit of six Demigryph Knights will be completed (I hope ^^)

    whgateway - That's a great tip, and I think I do this most of the time without actually thinking about it. Don't know if you have seen the rest of the unit, but the rest of the knights have white shields and just having the motif in red. The reason I went with red on the whole shield in this case is that the motif in itself is the actual shield. So I thought I should go with red to look like the rest of the gang.

    Link to a new picture of the old Demigryph Knights:

    Mr Saturday - The Magnets are called Magnet R0101 and is just 1 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick. The arms on the knights in this kit is actually having a hole in them from the start and these magnets fits in nicely in there.

  5. Cheers Johan. That's a small magnet! How's the holding power?

  6. Well it ain't that great, just enough to hold a lance arm in place, so it's good for weapon swaps etc.


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