Monday, 31 December 2012

Painting Challenge: Will I beat myself next year?

To do another thing to keep the motivation up I will challange myself to paint more stuff Points wise than this year. So here's just some calculations about the stuff I have painted this year so I know what numbers I need to beat next year. It was more than I expected really even if the numbers don't always do the painting time justice, painting two cannons takes much less time to paint than seventeen Greatswords but is worth more points for example. But it's quite fun anyhow to see how many points it is in the end and how much points I need to paint each day to beat it. So see this as an kind of New Years resolution, I will paint more than 3390 Pts next year and I will not cheat ;D

Down below you can see the numbers if you are interested.

40 Halberdiers Full CMD = 270
17 Greatswords Full CMD = 217
4 Artillery pieces = 440 (2 Mortars, 1 Cannon, 1 Volley Gun)
1 Bsb on foot = 85 (Just bsb upgrade)
5 Demigryph Knights Standard, Champ. = 320
1 War Altar of Morr (only horn upgrade) = 270
1 General on a Griffon (no upgrades) = 265
1 Engineer = 65
1 Black Rose Knight Standard Bearer =  35
1 Captain on a peg. (no upgr.) = 105

One of the things I want to paint next year

Total: 2072

40 Swordsmen Full CMD = 310
10 Crossbowmen incl Marksmen = 100
1 Cannon = 120
3 Knights incl Musi = 85
5 Archers = 35

Total 650

So Grand Total Empire painted 2012 is: 2722 Pts

Orcs and Goblins

7 Black Orcs = 84
10 Night Goblins = 30

Total: 114


4 Warriors of Tzeentch (unmarked here though) = 60
6 Khorne Marauders (unmarked) = 24
4 Warhounds = 24
1 Hellcannon = 205

Total: 313

Vampire Counts

20 Zombies = 60

Total: 60


5 Space Marines = 90


2 Terminators incl. CF = 91

Total = 181

All in all I have painted 3390 pts this year across both systems and including the stuff I repainted as well. Quite good in my opinion at least for being me who aren't the fastest painter in the world, spread across all days in a year this brings us to a number of 3390/365 = ~9,3 Pts a day and 282,5 Pts a month.

So that are the numbers I need to beat, so next year I will make a post here on the blog each month to see how I'm doing in the challenge. And of course everyone that will participate feel free to do so and you can post in the comments how you are doing, the more the merrier. 

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