Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Showcase: Halberdiers Horde Finished, and a Poll

My second large horde unit is done for my Empire army and the Halberdiers is forty men strong which was my goal with this unit. I made the unit tray for fifty though so in the near future I will probably up the unit to fifty but for now I consider this unit finished. Really like how it turned out actually, well I love big horde units and the Halberdiers looks particularly nice in big units in my opinion. It got two unit fillers, the pillar and grave and the playing bear and also some stuff added to the movement tray with a a tree, bird and skulls etc.

The last five I painted may not look that good but they are in the back row after all, also I'm a little sick of painting them right now so it will be a nice change to paint something else now for a while, and that is to finish my Demigryph unit with two more to go. And also convert seven more Knights for my Inner Circle bus unit. Iv'e also decided to build up and paint my Ancestral Hurricanum as well but here I need some help from you guys.

I don't know how to paint it up, I have two suggestions and both are found the Empire Army Book.

Option 1I first wanted to paint it pretty much like the Eavy metal team did with their. Different shades of blue with the main body being a quite dark blue colour. I really like the look of it, but I doubt my version would look that nice if I tried to paint it like they did. But the colours used here is making the wagon look like it belongs to the College of the Celestial Order. 

Option 2: Though on the other hand I don't have any dark blue in the army at all so maybe something that blends in better with the rest is the way to go? In the Empire AB there is a lot of nice concept art. Like for the Hurricanum and it looks different from the one Eavy Metal painted up. Here we get the provincial colours of Talabecland on the actual wagon as you can see on the pic from the book. 

Of course I would do this with my Ostermark colours instead and the chariot will not look out of place in the army. I will paint apprentices in their appropriate colours though, after all, they are from the Collage of the Celestial Order, so white and blue for them.

So what do you think? Please help me out on this one as I can't decide on my own. And you are very welcome to write in the comments why you choose your choice or even if you have any other suggestion. Thank you in advance.  

Option 2

Option 1


  1. Option 3 - paint it as per celestial college but tie into the sceme make the planets and orbs link back to the main army colours. Make the blue have a purplish tinge to tie to the army and the white shaded with a yellow to tie in.

    What do you think? Why not try some tests on sprue offcuts or some armoured horses?

  2. That's an really interesting suggestion, will put it into consideration ;) And thanks for the input.

  3. Really nice job on the unit, impressive. I always think blue looks good on Empire too, but so I would go for that.


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